Zazie , Lulu Love interview

Added June 19, 2020

Personal and cheerfull interview with two hotties of ours - Zazie and Lulu Love!

Featured model(s):

Lulu Love, Zazie



I was going to suggest that for the models that do not speak English or that need to improve should add subtitles to the movie. But I didn't even mention that because it will require more editing and I don't know how really the idea of inserting subtitles will work here. But now that you are adding subtitles I can suggest to add a shade or a dark stroke because with the white background is really difficult to read. Lulu Love & Zazie are amazing models and listen to them speaking in her mother language is great. If you noticed, models speaking in their principal language speak more plus they look more relaxed. So yes, in my opinion this was a big improvement for the interview movies! [-Ramon VM]