Violette Pink interview

Added June 19, 2017

Cute and great interview with Violette Pink.

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Violette Pink



Violette Pink is a very curious model, I think a curiosity that I also have in particular for how people work in de adult industry and with Sapphix and Perfect Gonzo. And is the first time a model mention that interest to know how the make movies. I wish this interview had subtitles because I felt Violette had much to express and the language barrier is evident. But even with that difficulty, I did enjoy the things Violette shared with us, she is very interesting and nice girl I like her personality and she laughs a lot. She says she likes Spain, I wonder if she knows some Spanish it will be interesting to listen to her! though she said the word "macho" xD. And I normally watch plenty of horror movies and after some comedy too. In addition I did like the questions of the director, they match with the mood an personality of Violette. [-Ramon VM]