Viola Baileys interview

Added May 22, 2017

Personal interview with Viola Baileys - featured not too long time ago here on SapphiX.

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Viola Baileys



Perfect woman, body and mind


I can easily refer to Viola Baileys as "goals in life", she is super gorgeous. I didn't know she had not many years doing porn, but for her with three years are enough to get that popularity. Just when I thought she can't be more attractive she says she likes videogames besides she prefers to be at home just like me. I think she also likes to sing, but she didn't mention that. She says she is not superficial when looking for a partner, she prefers to look to the inside to know the people and the personality. In few words, I love her smile and her laugh, I got very identified with her and I hope one day I can go and eat sushi with her ;P she is charm in the outside and the inside. [-Ramon VM]