Tiffany Tatum interview

Added July 12, 2017

Hungarian language, subtitled interview with Tiffany Tatum, after her scene with Violette Pink.

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Tiffany Tatum



The first thing I noticed on this interview of Tiffany Tatum was that there are subtitles, and comparing with the first interview with subs this ones are more visible and easier to read. I didn't like to hear that people from the adult industry still puts names to the models... I wonder who really are these people. I did notice that is true what I said before, models can talk more and better when they speak in her first language, even the things that they say are more interesting. What I was more impressed of what Tiffany said is how she thinks of her type of guy, "if is tall and funny she might think he can get any girl he wants", I've never think it that way but is true! She also said that at the time that this interview was done she only made girl-girl scenes. [-Ramon VM]