Suzy Rainbow , Cassie Right interview

Added June 11, 2020

Quick on the set interview with Cassie Right and Suzy Rainbow - from the summer of 2016

Featured model(s):

Cassie Right, Suzy Rainbow



JANICE: What makes a great and interesting interview? Simple - two ladies who are having fun and actually like each other.! BRAVO !!!


This is the first time I really hear both of these girls, specially Cassie which is one of my favorites. And I don't know if is because of that but I find Cassie more cute than Suzy. In general I think Cassie & Suzy look like they are very simply or "normal" girls in my opinion. Thing that I wouldn't never expect from them because the two of them are very beautiful adult models that perhaps have a wild style of life. And by the way this is the first time I hear about academic topics but I guess Cassie was curious about that. I find in common that the two of them have a diverse type of dreams that want to consolidate somehow in the future and both relate to art. At the end they kiss and hug each other like intimate fiends leaving me with a sensation of a memory of a "friend with benefits" that I had not long ago. 10/10 [-Ramon VM]