Stella Cox interview

Added June 22, 2020

Getting upclose and very personal with our beloved Stella Cox in this interview - shot right before Christmas, 2016.

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Stella Cox



how the hell do i get these videos to play??/


Stella Cox is one of my favorite Euro performers and is a pleasure to have an interview with her. I will never guess she likes more girls than guys. And is funny, because most of us starting watching porn too and like her deleting the history from the internet to don't get caught by other people, and I have also some funny stories related to that. Is very interesting hearing Stella how being like a standard girl made the jump to porn. She seems to be like a very nice girl and for some reason she reminds myself in some things. I laugh that the director forgot her age, she said twenty four again and then he said twenty three, like saying "I like you to be twenty three no twenty four". Is also hilarious to hear Stella's sex adventures. [-Ramon VM]