Sasha Rose & Shona River interview

Added May 30, 2017

Sasha Rose and Shona River had some fun times together, and after their scene together, they did an interview with eachother.

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Sasha Rose, Shona River



Sasha Rose & Shona River are really a pair of sexy angels! So it's nice to have them on this interview. I think it have been nice if the director had taken the course of this interview with both because at least at the beginning it was hard for them to start. Is interesting to know that most of the times I listen to these interviews almost all the girls say the scholar degrees they have, and that's pretty impressive for me! Sasha Rose & Shona River are funny as gorgeous. "Reading between the lines" I felt that they were sending sexy messages to the director that was in there, but they were more obvious as a matter of fact... I really laughed when Sasha said in a very confident way that she likes to be spited on her face and Shona was like "me? no way!" xD. By the way I wonder what was the director doing behind the camera... [-Ramon VM]