Rebecca Volpetti & Vyvan Hill interview

Added May 10, 2017

Recent interview made after their SapphiX scene together, but we will push it for the latest Give Me Pink scene of Rebecca Volpetti - released just before this :)

Featured model(s):

Rebecca Volpetti, Vyvan Hill



Of course I remember the scene of these two girls, Rebecca Volpetti & Vyvan Hill! Now listening them, I really didn't could Imagine how new they were and how young they are. They don't have too much doing porn scenes and I already consider them relevant female performers. According what they say I feel that Rebecca is the kind of girl I will get more along than with Vyvan, both girls are really pretty and nice but I fell that I will feel more comfortable interacting with Rebbeca. Her personality is more adaptable to know other people than Vyvan, but Vyvan is a very interesting girl too. I like these interviews. [-Ramon VM]


Rebecca is amazing and Vyvan is so sexy. Loved their scene together