Darcia Lee interview

Added August 18, 2017

Interview with newcomer Darcia Lee - mostly in Hungarian, subtitled.

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Darcia Lee



It's turn of the young and beautiful Darcia Lee to talk about herself so we can know her better. I like this time that if they are not going to use subtitles, or to force the model to talk in English, that the director speak to her in her native language and translate it for us. On this interview is mixed subtitles and translation by the director. For the kind of things Darcia says, it tells me that she is not the typical girl or at least she likes more diverse things. But also at the same time she has a wild sex desire. There was a short part that I didn't understand because there were no subtitles neither the director translated for us. During the entire interview her shiny eyes stole my attention. [-Ramon VM]