Cassie Right interview

Added June 28, 2020

Upclose, this time solo interview with Cassie, made just shortly after her debut in the porn world.

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Cassie Right



THe interview exactly made on 2016, july 6th :)


I first wanted to watch the interview of Cassie Right before her solo scene that follows this movie. Having this beauty just talking with her sexy voice is really charming. I think this is an old interview because she states that she is very new doing porn. I like her answers because she is similar like me, I like to answer clear but with few words. Is hard for me not to stop watching her sexy lips while she is taking, then I remember she has beautiful eyes too so I change my attention to the eyes. Cassie is another girl I think it might be amazing to meet, she gets shy talking about her sexual likes, she is very cute! Loved it! [-Ramon VM]