Candy Bell interview

Added April 11, 2017

Meet Candy Bell, a Hungarian hottie, who were featured just the aother day here at Sapphic Erotica.

Featured model(s):

Candy Bell



I enjoy more the interviews when they let the models speak in her first language when they need it. And we can see that Candy Bell can feel more confident and free to express herself more than trying to speak in English [no matter if there are some small mistakes on the subtitles]. I loved how Candy talk about the solo scenes and she points out stuff that even I didn't think it before, and she is absolutely right. Regarding the GG scenes was interesting to hear what she likes and dislikes about other girls. Her face expressions' when admitting something like the costumes that she have, made me smile with her like also knowing what she was feeling at the time she was talking. Regarding with that, I'm sure she was going to slap me xD and why not after that she can give me some Salsa classes. Also I fully understand her when she said she canĀ“t gain weight... me too. Lovely girl! [-Ramon VM]