Anya Krey & Jenny Diamond interview

Added April 28, 2017

An interview made with Jenny Diamond and Anya Krey after their scene together - in cooperation with our brother site, Perfect Gonzo.

Featured model(s):

Anya Krey, Jenny Diamond



Yes, I can share my personal experience with Anya (no, unfortunetely not *THAT* kind of personal hah!) - she is very open minded, very cheerfull, and very "interested" in the World which is around her. She swallos by the full spoon what life is throwing in front of her, and she does not have any second thoughts or regrets about the decisions she makes. She is a very confident, yet in a sense naive / young / inexperienced girl, with much brains - and an eager need and interest of experience of any kind, from what she can learn from. I was personally fascinated by her to be honest - she is truly a one of kind girl, who you don't see everyday! :love:


The first thing I noticed was the Perfect Gonzo tube tops, the look really great it was a fantastic idea! Both girls look very cute and like every interview they seem that they would like to share many things with us. From the beginning I saw that they needed to do many cuts so I think this time they needed to add subtitles and let the girls speak in her language, though I think their first language is different between them... As the interview continue they look more confident talking. Jenny makes one impressive but at the same time normal confession that she don't like girls but she does lesbian scenes. Besides that she feels attracted to brown or very light dark skin guys. I felt that Anya was the one that was encouraging the talking, it looks like she really good at chatting and she makes good conversations worthy to enjoy. The questions of the director this time they were useful :) [-Ramon VM]