Angel Wicky & Rosella Visconti interview

Added January 13, 2018

Interview with Angel Wicky and Rosella Visconti, which can be considered as an extension to their scene.

Featured model(s):

Angel Wicky, Rosella Visconti



We have together Angel Wicky & Rosella Visconti for an interview. Personally Angel is one of my favorite models so every time that I see a new scene of her I am really interested. They look that they know each other very well and that they are very close friends, even they seem to have the same interest and preferences. I feel like having these two girls together is like mixing fire and gasoline xD in a good way, they can't stop talking, they look that they are having a great time, having fun and they are also funny to the watcher. Like when Angel hinted that many models get into porn to get money and snort white powder. And Rosella perhaps donĀ“t know, but we the viewers also can notice when an actress or actor is cold and "mechanic". So it's extremely good that Angel and Rosella are how they are, love them :) [-Ramon VM]